Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Realising Business Strategy through People, what is organizational development, Human Resources, HR Community, HR Best Practices, HR Articles, HR News, HR Magazine India. We provides the expertise required to expertly staff any type of human resources role in your organization. Whether your HR strategy is to build an exceptional HR department, outsource HR tasks or use HR consultants, we deliver the experienced professionals you need.


Our customized and innovative training methodologies are time tested and it kick starts your path to employability. The learning environment is intensely interactive and thought provoking. We brush all the industries in the training and impart how to have an updated knowledge by bringing case studies in the program. It instigates the ability to think, adapt and live in an environment that is full of competition and constant change. Our training itinerary covers such basics like interview attending and other soft skills required to be a successful candidate.

The skills acquired is life-time and since they are time proof there would be need to unlearn them to learn something new. These acquired skills obviously go a long way to fetch a job from where the candidate can rightfully think of building their career.


1. Contract Staffing
Should our clients decide to go for staffing solutions, we are “The agency of choice”. That is the faith they entrust on us. It is the consistency and cost-effectiveness that makes contract staffing an ideal choice. Our recruitment procedures ensure that the right staff is assigned as per the contract. Our contract staff in your staff would be trained to know their limits. They shall be groomed to maintain an arms-length distance yet be an integral part of your team that you can rely upon. We can provide contract staffing to any functions like Back Office Operations, Finance and Accounting, Administration and Operations, Customer Service and Customer Support, Software Support and Technical Support, and even Office Assistants.
2. Temporary Staffing
Many a times, situation arise which calls for temporary staffing. The need may be seasonal or it may not follow a set pattern. Whatever may be the case, a phone call to us ensures trained staff in your organization fulfilling the specific need for a specific time period.
3. Payroll Processing
Small and medium organizations are concerned that they cannot fully utilize the services of a full time HR professional as they would have job only during specific times of a month. Our services are easy, friendly and efficient. As part of the comprehensive package, we carry out end-to-end salary processing solutions and all statutory compliance handling like PF and ESI to name a few. Our solutions are technology driven, safe, sound, secure and more importantly confidential.
4. Other HR Management Services

Apart from the mundane HR related services, we offer other specialized services too like Employer’s HR and Employment Perception Audit, Employee Manual / Job Description Preparation Services, Employee Orientation Programs, Applicant Screening and also Interviewing Services.


We are diligent in our approach to the process of sourcing, screening, selecting, and on-boarding a right resource for a job. We are well aware of the “One size never fits all” mantra of HR and our processes to recruit the suitable candidates for the job mentioned, falls in line with the said mantra. We strive to deliver the best outcome by sourcing right candidates with right techniques. Our competency based approach gives impetus to us efforts in identifying the right candidates who by virtue proceed to fit well in the tasks assigned.

1. General Hiring

This is our forte. With all the years of experience we have accumulated and the best of talents who work as a team, we are proud to say that hiring comes to us quite naturally. The contacts we have established across industries and the trustworthy name that we have earned, all contribute in making us a successful hirer.

2. Lateral Hiring

What was once frowned-upon, is a norm now. It carries twin benefits, one, the advantage of getting a person who has specific applicable expertise and can make a running start in the new job in the new organization, two, the organization that lost the talent gets an opportunity to infuse get a new team member. We understand the world of lateral hiring, a double-edged sword indeed. We handle it pretty well as we are well aware that the potential candidate and the organization should qualify one another. Rather pushing through, we earnestly find if the candidate is genuinely opting for a change and only then take forward the candidature. The deep in-roads we have in various industries make us a promising lateral hirer.

3. Executive Search

Our team is industry savvy, have deep networks in the respective space and a bit net savvy too. So we know the art of digging out the top talent. Since we had the opportunity of placing many top talents, we are aware who is where and they are aware who we are. That works and they readily give ears to what we have to offer.